When you have the burning desire to succeed

At the age of 20, Mahinderjit Singh joined a small Malaysian company dealing with industrial boilers and burners. Little did he then realise that he had just bumped into a niche business area. In years to come, he managed to strike out on his own to build a nice, tidy enterprise. They sold and maintained boilers and burners for a growing number of customers.

Tech Line Group Of Companies, a company that he later started, grew out of this effort. Today, he is its Group Managing Director. Entrepreneurship was also running deep in his family. Mahinder’s parents ran a textile shop in Ipoh, Perak. During his younger days, Mahinder used to lend a hand to his parents in running the shop, especially when his dad would go on his business travels.

As with most Punjabi parents, they wanted him to pursue medicine and become a doctor. But that was not his cup of tea. Instead, he was keen to pursue aerospace engineering in the United States. However, his father Saminder Singh fell ill at around that time. Mahinder decided to stay close to his father and mother Silindera Kaur, and help out with the business. So going overseas was abandoned. Instead, he completed locally an electrical and electronic engineering degree offered by a UK university. In 2002, just before turning 21, Mahinder joined a local company based in Puchong, Selangor, dealing with boilers and burners. He joined as a sales manager. It did not take him long to get a hang of the job. He was soon striking good deals for the company. Within a short span of time, he was made a partner of a new subsidiary.

However, things did not go well. This led Mahinder to part ways with his former employer and striking out on his own. In 2007, he set up Tech Line.

“I felt immense pressure, stress, and faced numerous challenges,” Mahinder described the early days in an interview with Asia Samachar. “But my ambition kept me going. I just wanted to better than others.”

That burning desire to success kept him awake at night and charging full steam ahead in the day time. Soon, he was able to reconnect with his earlier contacts and grow his business. Today, his company help clients to obtain new or reconditioned steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal oil boilers and burners. They also provide consultancy to design and fabricate flue gas chimney complete with ducting or combustion chambers and water. And a host of other works. He has also broken into a number of other businesses. Among others, he is now running petrol stations in Malaysia via MK Victory Sdn Bhd and developing property in Australia.

Mahinder, who received a Datukship, an award from a Malaysian state, in 2016, was featured on the cover page of the recent Top 10 of Malaysia magazine. In the interview with the magazine, he spoke about his family and the community.

“I ensure my family meets regularly and we also made a vow to meet up on my father’s death anniversary prayers day. Friends are important, too, but I spend less time with friends now as my family comes first,” he told the magazine.

When asked how he feels about being one of the few Sikh entrepreneurs in Malaysia, he told the magazine that more Sikhs gravitate towards being professionals. In the lunch interview with Asia Samachar, Mahinder says he is far from done with what he want to do in business. “There is still so much more that I want to do. I’m only at about half way my capacity at the moment.” The fire is clearly still burning.

Mahinderjit Singh